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Born To Be Wild

Overnight Safari,
Digital Detox and Storytelling Escape


Sometimes you just gotta get wild and forget all the shoulds, woulds and must-dos of civilization. Join me, Pearl Howie, (wild of heart and ready to share) for an unforgettable overnight safari in the heart of Kent (yes, Kent). Lions, tigers, cheetah, bears, gorillas, giraffe (they don't even have those in the Ngorongo Crater), wolves, hunting dogs, zebra, rhino (and a baby rhino!!!), meerkats (they get everywhere), wildebeest, gazelle, elephants (last time we saw not just elephants but BABY elephants), giant anteaters, lemurs – yes it's a real animal safari. There are challenges and dangers, these are real game drives so please pack plenty of layers (don't laugh, that last hill is freezing), do not stand too close to any fences and stay in the marked areas – these are extremely wild animals and Will Take You Down or at least spray your coat if you get too close, (and you know what I mean by spray!) last of all it is very important that you maintain space for dessert and the petit fours, this is a meal that surpasses any five star restaurant I've been to. We are born to be wild (like a true nature's child!) and while I am not quite ready to sell up and live in a yurt permanently, it does the soul good to sleep under canvas, see the horizon and stars and hear the sounds of the Serengeti (all while in a very comfortable bed – yes, THIS is glamping). As well as being able to enjoy the African safari experience without sitting on a plane, jetlag, shots, travel insurance or any other worries, this retreat is especially intended for those who feel that their life has started to run them. This is for you, not your social media audience, clients, friends or family (although they'll all benefit from a refreshed you – well, those you decide to keep after the escape). And for anyone who feels they may have lost touch with the ability to interact on a simple, ancient human level – just being able to connect with another human being with a simple story, that has nothing to do with your work or anything that you feel may have taken over your life (like an illness or any family situation). You are NOT your divorce. (And if you are self-employed and finding it difficult to switch off and say no? I understand. But sometimes we have to disconnect from everyone and everything to reconnect with the self that we started this business with in the first place.) Sound good? I haven't even told you the rest of it yet. Hang on. Quick run down (it’s very awesome).  Glass of bubbly on arrival (once the car is parked)  One night in a tent, in a proper bed (upgrades to en-suite, 4 poster and sleigh beds available but not included in guide price), with private balcony (as shown)  Dinner. Oh my, what dinner. 4 courses cooked traditional African style (last time included the best beef I'd ever tasted – but no promises), vegetarians also exceptionally catered for, starter, main course, dessert (sensational), coffee and petit fours in the traditional Laapa.  Breakfast – this is also great but may be even more wonderful due to the possibility that zebra and wildebeest will join you – no promises – these are wild animals.  Evening game drive – see some of the world's most beautiful and rare African animals with a commentary from some of Africa's most experienced guides. Hear about the animals as well as the efforts to re-introduce them to the wild (yes, this is a breeding program that actively seeks to return animals to Africa and has recently succeeded with gorilla families in Rwanda).  Early morning wake up and game drive  After dinner storytelling – interactive entertainment – you know, with actual people. No screens.  Access to both Port Lympne and Howletts Parks on day of arrival and day of departure (Howletts has the largest gorilla enclosure in Europe – or it did last time I checked). Not to be missed. Port Lympne is set in over 600 acres, which is why we drive it – Howletts is more a walking park.  Pick up from Ashford International or other rail station (by arrangement) (there is a small deduction for step on guests – i.e. if you have your own car and are prepared to drive). Transfer to Howletts on day of arrival OR departure depending on group preference and return to station. (The Livingstone Lodge Experience has been voted UK's Best Tourism Experience 4 times running.) Guide price £500 per person for a shared tent for a Saturday night without upgrades or own transportation. (Individuals will be paired up with other guests, own tent available for additional fee.) This escape will usually run with a minimum of 3 people booked, or alternatively guide price £1,500 one to one. Dates by arrangement - other days are possible (Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun nights)  Additional activities can be booked for the day including archery, zorbing, cycling and VIP safari experiences. For more information (especially if you want to understand more about digital detox) and to book, call, text or email Pearl (me) on 07770 846 284 or (usually takes me a couple of days to reply to emails and the same goes for texts if they are on weekends, especially holiday weekends - I believe in sane self-employment).

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