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I started writing articles as a way of improving the traffic to this site, but it soon became a place for me to express very particular or personal views on just about everything, things that wouldn’t very easily fit into a spa or hotel review, or even in my blog.


I’ve also started writing about my kidney donation experience as a series of articles, which I hope people will find useful.


Stay posted for future articles on my weirdest spa and travel experiences, and lots more!


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Pearl Howie ( / runs Pearl Escapes a website devoted to finding safe, easy and affordable escapes - holidays, spa treatments, days out, etc. and providing great advice at every step of your journey.


In order to give the best possible information Pearl only includes things that she has actually tried - whether it is a spa, hotel or flight.


Visit the website to read about her Spa Princess Escapes, her Recommendations, and the Jellyfish that you should absolutely avoid.


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