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Seek Your Bliss - The Guide to Spa Treatments and Massage from Pearl Escapes 2015


As well as new treatments and products in this edition I've also added the names of two of the best wellbeing teachers – Susan Jeffers and Thich Nhat Hanh.


This year saw me not only finally discovering a few healing therapies from the Native American tradition; Nuwati Herbals, Lomi Lomi, Smudging, Medicine of One and revisiting Clearwater to find out more about the August full moon, but also diving deeper into in water massage; Watsu and Gulf Stream Water Dance Massage, which offer a radically different approach than traditional "stick your face in the hole" lying on the bed massages.  If you can't try these but have problems with lying down for long periods of time then also check Seated Massage and Side-Lying Massage.


I've also included my "Bikini Fear" article and guide to buying a bikini - as these are great not just for more of a tan but also for visiting spas as well as a new section on handling female hair loss.


All about the book:


From Key Largo to Shanghai Pearl has tried it all and lived to tell the tale.


Discover the weird and wonderful world of spa treatments in this informative, humorous and down to earth guide, which explains how to spa from the simplest massage to the most unusual treatments.


Each experience has been tried and tested by the author so, as well as the definition of the treatment, you'll find out exactly how it feels and what the after effects were.


Also includes recommendations for spas with exceptional treatments.


A must for spa goers, therapists and spa managers too!


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