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Seek Your Bliss - The Guide to Spa Breaks and Escapes from Pearl Escapes 2015


The past few editions of this book have focused on spas and spa breaks, but this year it struck me that I really needed to include some of the other escapes I've written about as they can be as healing and relaxing as any spa break and, more than that, they can be the most life affirming and inspiring experiences.


After deciding this I had one of the most incredible moments of my life; swimming with manatees, which left me with an incredible sense of gratitude to the universe for all the wonderful things there are to enjoy in life.


Sometimes the very best thing I can share with you is a five star spa experience, but sometimes a walk in the woods is just as effective and inspiring as an escape (and nearly always comes with a much smaller price tag!)


I've also reduced the price of my books as I want to share with as many people around the world as possible and, if you read and enjoy one of my books and write a review on Amazon or other online bookstore I'll be more than happy to send you a free pdf of another guidebook if you email me a link to your review at



All about the book:


This is not a glossy spa book with publicity photos and reviews provided by spa's PR teams but an honest first hand account of some of the world's most wonderful, as well as best value spas and escapes.


This is the book for you if you want to know which hot tubs are worth the price of a day visit, which hotel's breakfast buffet is worth forking out for and, most importantly, where to find treatments, escapes and facilities worth going the extra mile for – even if they're not in the most traditional venues.


With spa breaks and escapes in Florida, New York, Iceland, Bath, London, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent, Paris, Barcelona, Tuscany, Croatia, Morocco and China this is a guide that can help you find your perfect escape around the world.


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See previous editions (First) and (Second) and (Third) for versions which are already available.



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