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Love And The Perfect Wave


How can a romantic novel help me find love?


Well, there are a lot of self help books out there which talk about love, how to find it, how to keep it, what it is.  Some of them are even quite useful.


I used to think that we needed to understand someone in order to love them - that we need to understand love before embarking on a love story - until I realised that in order to understand someone, first we need to love them.  Just like the only way you can learn to surf is to get out there and do it.


So many people today are searching for love, we think it’s about them, there are no good partners left, or they’re just not that into us, but great guys (and girls) are all around trying to love us, if we’d just let go of our own fears and insecurities and let them.


This book was inspired by the great man who came into my life and pushed through my excuses and fears and reminded me how wonderful and powerful love can be when we stop questioning and judging it.  Someone who taught me about being loved and wanted, and ultimately taught me to open up my heart and let love in again.


About the book:

There are famous beach breaks and weather systems which come together to create what you might call a perfect wave.  But then again, experienced surfers will shrug and say that the perfect wave, well it’s the one you’re on.


Rachel doesn’t really care about perfect waves, she cares about the perfect man.  Her only reason for learning to surf is to impress Steve, the guy she has had a crush on for years and has finally managed to get into bed.


Now she’s trying to cover up the fact she’s been a desperate workaholic for the last ten years, before he notices.


Gym workouts, lingerie shopping trips and a serious spring clean are on the cards, but will it all be enough to keep him interested?



Although this book was inspired by a very real (and often larger than life) character, I just want to reassure anyone who knows him (or me) that the details of our relationship have all been changed and that, although there may be similarities, this is not the story of our relationship.


The real story, the real relationship that got me writing, that changed my life in so many ways, was so much more beautiful, ridiculous, painful, magical and generally incredible than this that I couldn’t write it.  You wouldn’t have believed it.  And well, some things are personal and he wouldn’t have liked it if I’d told you.


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