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  • Zumba Fitness ®

    Feedback from Caroline Parsons and Sandra Bayliss (Zumba Education Specialists - who teach Zumba Instructors how to be instructors):


    “Great connection with song and music.

    Wonderful smile, infectious to watch.

    Lovely cueing of technique.”


    From participants:


    “I really enjoyed the class on Monday, thank you so much, so I want to come again, the hardest part for me was to pluck up the courage to come along, but I am so over that now!”


    “This class is the highlight of my week.”


    “It’s a long time since I acted like a teenager - about twenty years!”

  • Zumba ® Gold

    “Going on holiday - In the airport I was walking up the stairs and my husband said - you wouldn’t do that before.”


    “You’re doing magic.”


    “That balance one is so good.  It’s stopped my giddiness.”


    “Those endomorphins are great - I was going until 9 o’clock last week.”

  • Chair based Zumba ® Gold

    “That reminded me of my mum and brought my childhood right back to me.”


    “I thought I was going to stay in the chair for the whole class but I had to get up and dance!”


    “That’s the best I’ve ever danced in my life.”


    “Well, you've definitely put Zumba on the map for our Tuesday Rendezvous Group.  Everyone thought it was fantastic!”

  • Weird And Wonderful Spa Treatments And Massage - The Guide From Pearl Escapes 2014

    “I'm not really a Spa "goer" one of the reasons is the Menus of services was confusing to me if not viewed by me as sheer nonsense. In addition the few times I did go, having been given a gift certificate or out of boredom, had left me with two or more days of soreness. Pearl Howie in her new book has explains the Menu with a clear and concise index and also gives suggestions on what Treatment may suit your particular needs. With a background in health and wellness and how exercise affects the body Ms. Howie is well suited to this task. She has written a thoughtful, frank and informative book that is also a very enjoyable read. It's so much more than just Spa listings. You will come away feeling as if she was sharing with you personally and will want to read more of her life adventures.”


    “I loved the book. I think every reader will have the feeling of oh yes she understands the way I feel about massage and spas & yoga. That is your gift , everyone has the feeling you're talking to them. I sat down to read a little bit at 10am it’s now almost 3pm I did take  a small lunch break.”


  • Pearl Escapes

    "I finally feel like I'm really living, not just surviving."


    “I’ve just booked my first holiday in 13 years!”


    “Of all the things I’ve tried for my back Spa London was the best.”



    “It was worth the trip for the Gaudi alone.”  Kierstie

  • About advice on being a kidney donor

    “Thank you so so much for your kind words and advice, it has really given me so much to think about and to be grateful for.

    Thank you once again for taking the time to respond to my email, even though I don't know you, you have given more invaluable advice than anyone I know

    :-)”  Kerri


    “Just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou. I have just read your book on being a kidney donor to your brother- found it very informative (they don't tell you all that in the hospital!) and funny too- couldn’t help sniggering at some bits!” - P


    “Having read your book this morning on-line, you have given me so much hope and the reason to keep going now.

    I cried loads reading your book and then I laughed out loud at some of the expressions you used.  You are an inspiration to me already.”


  • About meditation

    “You are very precious and a resource to the community.”


    NHS manager

  • About “Everything To Dance For”

    “Everything To Dance For is great!  It makes me want to dance right along with it.  The joy of the cast and crew comes shining through.  It's also a voice of encouragement for those who believe success is impossible.”


    Susan Jeffers, PhD, 
    author of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

  • About Zumba Kids ®

    “I am writing to tell you just how fantastic your Zumba classes have been for our children!  After 3 weeks of lessons we are still receiving glowing reports about the classes.  The children who usually do not enjoy physical education have been very positive about Zumba because they find it so much fun.  We sincerely hope that we can continue working with you in the future.”


    “...what a fantastic response !!! My class (Year 5 ) loved everything about it, all 25 of them, the moves, music, dancing in the circles, everything ! They are looking forward to your next visit.”


  • About New York Italian Escape

    “I love that you tell us where the best free loos are - this is priceless information that your average guidebook wouldn't give...”

  • About Reiki

    “Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely reiki... Not sure how much it affected the (original injury) but I actually had sex last night for the first time in MONTHS and feel much better for it (as does my husband I am SURE)... so whatever you did it was wonderful!”   Name provided

  • About Scholl Instant Hard Skin Remover

  • About Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask

    “My face felt smoother afterwards.”


    “Before: The initial heat element feels very soothing but I’ve had it on for over 12 minutes now and I’ve forgotten it’s on there.  I could quite easily go shopping like this.  It doesn’t pull your face like most other face packs which I hate.  Yes I like.


    After: My skin feels so moist and supple.”


    “I’m a bit nervous about things that are hot but that was okay for me.  And my skin is really smooth.”


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