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Home is where the heart is.


But we all need to escape sometimes.


Hi there I'm Pearl Howie.  Recently I went to a business event where, when asked what I did, I said " I help people escape."  90% of the people I spoke to said "Ooh, that's what I need."  And then they say... "what do you mean by escape?"  And I answer "Anything that makes you feel alive*."


It seems strange that I even have to define what "feeling alive" means, but it's different for everyone and it changes too.  The heart of it is feeling your feelings - something that we just can't do when we're numb.  What do I mean by numb?  Well for some it's too much work, too much alcohol, too much social media interaction, too much perfectionism, it's really about the dosage, it can even be too much exercise.  (This is my philosophy on the deeper reasons we feel the need to numb.)


My new book "free - Feeling Real Emotions Everyday" (available now exclusively online from Lulu) is all about my journey, my very recent journey to waking up everything inside myself that I had numbed.  And I didn't do it with alcohol or drugs, prescription painkillers, gambling, work or even perfectionism, mainly I did it with positive thinking - looking on the bright side and a big dose of "reality".  And just shutting down anything that wasn't "keep smiling."


The more I share the message in this book the more it amazes me the impact it has.  Already I have seen people drastically change their lives, take the leap they've been dreaming of and, most of all, just realise it's okay to follow their hearts and be themselves.  (I don't think I understood before that "Be Yourself" is both the easiest and hardest thing for many of us.)  If you'd like to know more or invite me to speak to your group or at an event, I recommend you read the book and if it's something that speaks to you give me a holler.


I have a wonderful business, based on amazing escapes I have experienced, but until this awakening in Arizona I was running myself into the ground, doing more and more of what I had become known for, even though it was exhausting me in every way (and here I am telling everyone else they need to escape, right?!)  It was the combination of an incredible retreat in Sedona and a native American healing at Aji Spa that brought me home to myself and helped me to see the ways  I was going against myself in order to be "successful".  True success, true freedom is living your own life, being yourself no matter what anyone else thinks and not who "everyone" tells you you are.


So if that sounds like something that might be useful to you please, get in touch, or join my weekly email newsletter to get more of an idea of what I do.  I'm also available to consult (on 07770 846 284 or on creating your own perfect escape.


I've personally tried and tested every single one of the escapes listed on this website - I wanted to be able to recommend everything with complete integrity (which is why there's usually a note if I'm ever offered anything for free).


You can also see where I'm currently exploring on Instagram or Facebook or check out my latest blog.  See my Instagram feed below...


On one of my last escapes, a sweat lodge in the Mexican jungle, our guide said this "You don't choose the Temazcal (that's the sweat lodge) the Temazcal chooses you."  This made perfect sense  standing half naked in the jungle but sometimes the mystery fades when you come back to "civilisation".  But if you are feeling a call, an intuition to do something or be somewhere and you need some guidance or cheerleading, get in touch - let's see if I can help you escape.


x Pearl


* As long as it's not illegal or immoral - my definition.

“The time will come

when, with elation

you will greet yourself arriving at your own door, in your own mirror

and each will smile at the other's welcome,”

from Love After Love by Derek Walcott


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