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Spa Treatments - The Guide from Pearl Escapes August 2012


A new edition of this book is now available!


As it takes a little while for the editions to filter through distribution channels like iTunes and Amazon this may still be the latest one available on some websites.


All about the book:

A guide to spa treatments and massages, this book includes definitions and descriptions of common massage and spa services as well as the more unusual offerings of international spas in China, Morocco, Tuscany and more. From advice on your first visit to a spa or masseur to "way out" experiences for the more adventurous, this is the ultimate spa handbook. If you've ever wondered what Reflexology is like in China, been tempted by Gua Sha, tried to discover how an Ayurvedic Massage differs from the rest, or even heard of Tkissila this is the guide for you. This guide is based solely on personal experience, so, as well as explaining some of the technical differences, the author also explains how each treatment made her feel and her reactions to some of the more unusual massages. The book also includes recommendations for spas where the author has tried the treatment and information on further reading. A must for new spa visitors, as well as spa fanatics and spa professionals.


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Not yet available on Kindle (see Spa Treatments - The Guide from Pearl Escapes February 2012)

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