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Beijing Spa Princess - The Guide from Pearl Escapes


Not just another guidebook.


There's no shortage of travel information; guidebooks, the internet, tour firms...  This book provides something different; travel wisdom.


Pearl Escapes brings you a detailed first hand review of one hotel, one spa, one restaurant, and one sight as well as invaluable information on visiting China in general.  This guide to Beijing includes the best sight in the city but excludes The Great Wall itself (to find out why you'll have to read the whole story).


Perfect for anyone who wants to be able to relax and enjoy their journey without researching or stressing.


Pearl Escapes gives you unparalleled first hand experience of China's ancient spa wisdom, which can be a welcome relief from the bustling day to day life of Beijing.


And most importantly, this book includes the essential guide on where to go; how to find acceptable toilets in Beijing, as well as a little bit about the city's ancient plumbing.


If you've ever dreamed of visiting China, now is the time.


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