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Check out my article on long term health and beauty in September’s Time & Leisure magazine, also available online:


Big Dance 2012 performance in Trafalgar Square (I was the one in the blue bib).


Performing as back up for West End Live Trafalgar Square as part of the Big Zumba Dance:


Our Acacia Thursday evening class featured in the British Heart Foundation “Heart Matters” magazine:  You can order copies of this and other publications online for free or small donation.


Our Merton Priory Homes classes - (okay not the best photo of me - check out the Photos page for some nicer ones!)


Okay, well this is not strictly speaking “press” - it’s a letter that I wrote into The Metro (London free paper).  The reason I include it, (apart from starting off my Press page with the hope of more exciting things to come!) is that it sparked off a conversation both in The Metro letters pages and also with a lot of people who emailed me.


If you are interested in kidney donation please do email me or read my experiences here.


The Metro, Friday 6 August 2010


“I was happy to donate


After reading Alexandra Burke’s mother turned down her offer of donating a kidney in case it stopped her having children (Metro, Thurs) I would like to share my experience.


My sisters and I researched this when my brother was in need of a transplant in 2002 and found no recorded cases of such complications.  I would never have done it if I thought I couldn’t have children afterwards and I went ahead and donated.  Despite the fact the transplant has now failed it gave him freedom from dialysis for more than seven years.  It was the most amazing gift I could have given him and, in return, the rewards for me have been incredible.


Donating is often now done via keyhole surgery so it is much less invasive.  If anyone is considering donating a kidney and wishes to talk to me I would be more than happy for them to get in touch by emailing”


To read Press Releases in full:


The First Book About Kidney Donation In The UK By A Living Donor Is Published This Month


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